Productos-de-limpieza-hidrolavadora-de-agua-caliente-03EcoBoiler and ease of maintenance

NEPTUNE 1 & 2 are of course equipped with the standard setting EcoPower boiler system, offering low fuel consumption levels and low running costs combined with low maintenance costs.

The EcoPower boiler, first boiler with low running costs on the market in 2003, offers a high efficiency level, meaning that less of the money spent on fuel goes to waste as just hot air. NEPTUNE 1 & 2 offers up to 16 % savings in fuel costs.

The EcoPower boiler is powered by the DuoMotor system which avoid functional problems due to inversion of electrical phases.

Not only does the clean combustion ensure that the boiler stays cleaner and efficient for longer, but the removal of the coil can be done in record time thanks to the optimal positioning of connections.

The EcoPower boiler can be runned at its most economi- cal level at temperature settings of around 60°C on the thermostat, providing an ideal combination of hot water and low costs. But even at higher temperature settings, the boiler offers efficient and low cost heating. For heavy degreasing tasks requiring higher temperature levels, the EcoPower boiler still offers lower running costs than many other products.

Innovative design for greater user friendliness

The vertical design on both NEPTUNE 1 & 2 reduces machine footprint considerably, making storage and transport less of a problem, the ideally placed transport handle make the product easy to push and pull.
The NEPTUNE 1 & 2 will fit easily into the corner of a workshop, into a commercial vehicle. It can even be hung nicely onto a wall, well out of harm’s way.